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November 7, 2012

Why are companies reluctant to consider new ideas that could save their companies millions of dollars? Is it the risk of looking bad for not having found these ideas before or is it complacency?

Here are my initial thoughts, but we will run with this theme this week - CFOs and their Risk Appetite: 
  1. Fear...the fear of looking bad. If any decision maker or an individual who can influence the decision perceives any personal risk he/she will kill it. The culture of the organization and the relationship between the decision maker and his/her boss/peers can definitely come into play here. 
  2. Complacency...without any incentive to change, why do anything new/different? 
  3. And arrogance...I am the smartest guy/gal in the room and anything I have not thought of isn't worth my time. At the group level, we are the smartest/best in the business so we are already doing things the best. You get the idea...
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