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November 18, 2017

How to Use Grief to Change the World

A father who lost his three daughters to Middle East violence has turned this tragedy into change for the region. Last night, I was part of The Daughters for Life Gala fund raiser which educates middle eastern girls here in Canada. The belief is that these women will change the region's attitudes to hatred and genders.
Jacoline Loewen, Daughters for Life Gala
What a steep hill Izzeldin Abuelaish has chosen to climb.
Izzeldin says it was the death of his daughters which pushed him to create change. The women at my table agreed that to push on after such a loss due to a bombing, was remarkable.
We then listened to the scholarship winners all in STEM studies at Canadian Universities. These young women travelled to Canada to go through university programs donated by Brock, Trent, Laurier and York. They each made us laugh, cry and understand that maybe, just maybe, this intervention would be a keystone to changing the whole Middle East.
I just know that if one of those girls was my daughter, I would be very proud of her. I also believe that each of these girls will indeed make a big difference.
Then Izzeldin gave Margaret Atwood a Lifetime Achievement award.  Margaret epitomizes what one woman can achieve. Her book The Handmaiden's Tale did inspire me to move beyond my original life goal to be a good wife and to get an MBA and get into the male area of business - finance.
Margaret Atwood's speech was a reminder of how far I personally have journeyed while reading her books all the way.
Daughters for Life Lifetime Award Recipient
When I - at first read Atwood - I did so reluctantly. Atwood was holding up a picture of Canadian society that I did not want to acknowledge. She also showed females in not always a positive light, showing our deepest fears and pain in our relationships. Such disappointments because of our place in society. She really spelt out for me that I needed to change and to take the harder road. I learnt through her novels how women needed to get their own income and it did inspire me to have a good career. Through out most of my adult life, Margaret has inspired me. My book club is currently reading Alias Grace and I look forward to our discussion, but my best book of hers is Oryx and Crake, a Booker Prize winner.
This evening, Margaret reminded us how far Canada has come in its gender roles. She told us that early in her career she was advised to stop her scribbling and find a good husband. She did not stop her scribbling and she did find a good man though - Graham Greene, her partner for decades. I am thankful she did find true love and she shared her views so bravely.

October 26, 2014

How do you select a financial planner when you sell your business?

When you sell your company and all of a sudden, you have millions to invest, it can make you quite giddy. All of a sudden, your long last relatives will appear on your doorstep asking for a loan or an investment. Your niece will want you invest in her new app which is "brilliant".  Suddenly, you can access wealth manages who need you to have more than $2million to open an account. These wealth managers are the elite of financial planners.
Financial planners advise clients on how best to save, invest, and grow their money. They can help you tackle a specific financial goal—such as giving you a macro view of your money and the interplay of your various assets. Some specialize in retirement or estate planning, while some others consult on a range of financial matters. At the very least, they should find out about your family.
Don’t confuse planners with stockbrokers — the market mavens people call to trade stocks. 
Financial planners also differ from accountants who can help you lower your tax bill, insurance agents who might lure you in with complicated life insurance policies, or the person at your local bank urging you to buy their off the shelf mutual funds.

Anyone can hang out a shingle as a financial planner, but that doesn’t make that person an expert. They may tack on an alphabet soup of letters after their names, but CFA (short for certified financial planner) is the most significant credential. A CFA has passed a rigorous test on the specifics of personal finance. CFAs must also commit to continuing education on financial matters and ethics classes to maintain their designation. The CFP credential is a good sign that a prospective planner will give sound financial advice. Still, even those who pass the exam may come up short on skills and credibility. As with all things pertaining to your money, be meticulous in choosing the right planner.
Their firm is important. Some small planner make you pay dearly. They are smart but you end up paying more as they still have to place orders for your portfolio and they will have to pay a fee and pass that along to you. 

October 21, 2013

Build a more diverse client list, add value to your company's sale price

A business owner’s greatest worry when trying to sell the company is the prospect of receiving an inadequate price by the acquirer or being undervalued.
One of the drags on the value of a business is customer concentration. For owners planning to sell in the next five to 10 years, exporting is one way to diversify a customer base. “It’s too risky to export,” entrepreneurs often say when they’re asked about taking their brands beyond the Canadian market. “It would be a financial drain and a time suck.”
By building a more diverse client list you can eliminate the drag that is customer concentration
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