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December 10, 2010

Where did the 40% rise in M&A happen?

The number of Canadian M& A transactions remained relatively unchanged from the previous quarter at 268 transactions.  Cross-border activity, mega-deals and financial sponsors all played a significant role in driving up the value of Canadian M&A as each category saw significant improvements over the second quarter. 
Overall, it is exciting to see that Canadian M&A activity demonstrated a strong recovery in Q3 with a 40% increase in deal value to approximately $48 billion.  
Four interesting points for the Q3 results:
  1. Canadian buyers continued to be acquisitive abroad, outnumbering foreign acquisitions of Canadian businesses by a ratio of 2.2-to-1
  2. Bucking the trend, the value of Canadian-led acquisitions abroad exceeded that of foreign-led takeovers by a ratio of 4.1-to-1
  3. Activity in the mega-deal segment of the market (deals valued in excess of $1 billion) rebounded to ten transactions valued at $32.2 billion
  4. The Real Estate, Oil & Gas and Industrial Products sectors were the key drivers of M&A activity in Q3 representing 53% of announced transaction volume