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August 27, 2017

The Atmospheric Fund Board

I was pleased to be invited to serve for a third term on the board of directors of The Atmospheric Fund.
Being on the Investment Committee means real input into private equity investing and sustainable investing.

TAF is governed by a 12-member board. Five of these members are City Councillors and seven are citizen members appointed through the City of Toronto’s public appointments process. TAF has been fortunate to have attracted a wide range of experience and expertise to our board, including investment specialists, energy experts and community engagement professionals. The board meets five times a year and board meetings are open to the public (but may include in-camera sessions).

Investment Committee

The Investment Committee oversees both management of TAF’s endowment and mandate-related investments (loans and equity investments in enterprises that can deliver emission reductions). The committee members have a wealth of investment and legal expertise and provide recommendations to the TAF board on all investment decisions.
  • Rob A. Roberti (Chair), Principal at Verde Finance
  • John Campbell, City Councillor
  • Bill Crossland, President and CEO at Thermal Energy International Inc.
  • Jason Kotler, Entrepreneur
  • Hyewon Kong, Associate Portfolio Manager at AGF Investments Inc.
  • Matthew Z. Leibowitz, Partner at Plazacorp Ventures
  • Jacoline Loewen, Director at UBS Bank (Canada) Wealth Management
  • Graham McBride, Independent Investor and Strategist
  • Bill Tapscott, Managing Director at Era2 Productions Inc.
  • Terry Vaughan, Senior Consultant at Prime Quadrant
The committee’s responsibilities include:
  • Selecting the investment manager(s) and any other agents or advisors needed to prudently manage the endowment
  • Formulating and amending when necessary the Statement of Investment Objectives and Principles (SIOP), with consideration to TAF’s mandate and purpose of advancing solutions to climate change and air pollution, and reviewing the SIOP at least once per year
  • Preparing and maintaining a Prohibited Securities List of companies whose securities cannot be held in the portfolio in keeping with the mandate and beliefs expressed in the SIOP
  • Monitoring the investment manager(s) and any other agents or advisors with respect to investment performance and compliance with the SIOP
  • Reviewing and advising on impact/direct investments and providing recommendations on those investments to the board
  • Providing quarterly reports to the board on the performance of the endowment and any other aspects of asset management, which the Investment Committee deems appropriate or as requested by the board

How to build wealth fast

We all know that automating a monthly deposit to our nest egg bank account is a proven method to build wealth. It's fairly painless as you do not notice the withdrawals and you rapidly adjust your lifestyle. Pretty quickly, your wealth does grow, particularly if you choose lower risk investments with a decent interest rate?
How about something more specific?
I like the table below that shows monthly savings rate with interest earned. It is over a 25 year period which my not serve your needs but will be good to show your adult children to inspire them to at least start with the automatic monthly savings to their TFSA.

August 2, 2017

Toronto Triathlon Festival 2017

The UBS Bank (Canada) team showed their true grit at the Toronto Triathlon Festival 2017.
It was a great experience to be with my team on the weekend and to see the competitive spirit of all of them.

Thank you for the great day

Jacoline Loewen, Toronto Triathlon Festival