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November 19, 2012

How terrified are managers to do personal annual reviews?

You can never look bad to the board when you tell them you have some new ideas that will increase revenue that ties into the strategic plan. It shows that you are forward thinking. It is my opinion from being in these type of situations that the answer is this. 

Most of the executives I have worked with (70%) lack managerial courage. When you talk about saving millions dollars that means "beaucoup" changes in the organization that probably will effect people's jobs, layoffs, your power and control and the size of our office. This means having to talk to people who work for you that may not be good news for their self interest. 

Just look at how terrified managers are to do personal annual reviews. It takes courage to tell an employee they just aren't cutting it. A majority of men don't have the talent to resolve conflict and avoid it. They avoid conflict just like at home with their wife. Women run the house. (I learned this in Pyschology and talking to my coach) I was with a company who as a perk gave the three C-Level staff their own coach. 

We all know in our organizations staff who are negative and cause so much unproductivity but are given 5 stars at every review because their boss is afraid of conflict. I had a senior manager have a melt down one time because he was going to a different office without his mountain view. He tried to get me to back down on the change with intimidation. Conflict avoiders are everywhere. 

Many seasoned executives are afraid of new ideas because they don't want the pain of making the changes. Change agents don't last long in an organization. The executives that I have talked to who have been with the company the longest had one pervading quality. "They never took sides on anything and never initiated any change" 

I admire how quickly how quickly Microsoft could make organizational changes versus IBM whose ego really got in the way.

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