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November 24, 2009

The Billionaire List is out again - any surprises?

The billionaires list is out again and any surprises?

When I looked at the Canadians who made the Billionaires list, I was blown away by how many self-made entrepreneurs made the list. You know they had start-up ventures, went out begging for money, took big risks and had sleepless nights.

Many people think billionaires are tainted and got their money through corrupt means but in Canada you can see that is just not true. The billionaires are Canadian entrepreneurs who figured out how to take their product outside of Canada to the world.

The Canadian Billionaires are so accessible too. It is remarkable that I have met so many of them in person, they were not surrounded by an entourage seen in other countries; and it’s not because I am some big wig. Far from it!

Jimmie Patterson started as a bell hop at a hotel and says that is what taught him how to do business and who mentors young business people whenever he can.

There’s Guy Laliberte who bankrolled Cirque du Soleil by walking across Quebec on stilts eating fire and asking people to invest in him. He’s now keeping Vegas going.

Gerry Shwartz, a highly thought of private equity leader who acts with great integrity, growing companies with a positive spirit. He’s no Donald Trump or Goldman Sachs type.

Michael Lee-Chin, classic entrepreneur story from Jamaica and he is donated $30M to ROM demonstrating responsibility to the community.

Jim Balsillie of RIM and the Blackberry, was the Angel investor who stayed. He and Mike are creating an Ontario technology powerhouse with their work with universities and start-ups. Jim gives his time to talk at conferences for start-ups and the early stage market. He coaches young entrepreneurs too. I remember seeing him at a conference where he was urging young entrepreneurs to get up and ask him questions, to be more pushy. He also gave me time for a book I was writing on technology.

There’s Jeff Skoll, of e-Bay, creating an out of the box Internet service which started with him just trying to be helpful to his girlfriend.

It is all achievable for every Canadian. You don’t need connections. You don’t need to be corrupt. You do not need to be born into the right family. You do not a costly university degree.

It also shows Canadians taking their brand to the world – eBay, Cirque du Soleil, Rim. Every Canadian entrepreneur should be excited and inspired by this list.

Canadian Billionaires

The Thomson family (The Thomson Corporation) $24.41 billion[1]

Galen G. Weston, George Weston, W. Garfield Weston (food/fashion) $7.7 billion [2]

Arthur Irving, James Irving, John Irving (natural resources) $5.45 billion[3]

Jim Balsillie (Research in Motion) $5.6 billion[4]

Edward Samuel Rogers, Rogers Communications Inc $4.54 billion (Deceased December 2, 2008) [3]

Paul Desmarais and family (Power Corporation of Canada) $4.41 billion[3]

James (Jimmy) Pattison (founder of Jim Pattison Group) $4.17 billion[3]

Jeffrey Skoll (eBay) $3.93 billion[3]

Mike Lazaridis (Research in Motion) $3.6 billion[4]

Saputo Family (Saputo Inc.), Montreal: $2.78 billion[3]

Michael Lee-Chin (AIC Group) $2.6 billion[3]

Bernard Sherman (Apotex Group of Cos.) $3.23 billion[3]

David Azrieli $2.44 billion[3]

Fred and Ron Mannix $2.38 billion[3]

Daryl Katz (Rexall Pharmacies / Edmonton Oilers) $2.37 billion

Gerald Schwartz (Onex Corp) $1.57 billion[3]

Guy Laliberté (Cirque du Soleil) $1.5 billion

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