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January 25, 2010

Top 50 CEOs list has only 15 out of 50 MBAs - what gives?

The MBA does bring a great deal of value in taking you to the next level in thinking and giving you a instant network of equally competitive and performance driven people. It is always worthwhile revisiting the objective of obtaining an MBA. Is it to get you on the top 50, highest performing CEO list or to give you an introduction to management? 
Roger Martin, Dean of Rotman, is one of the leading edge leaders of business schools, I believe, and we are lucky to have him here in Canada. In the USA, here are thoughts on the MBA by one of my favorite out of the box investment advisors - Check out Clemens Kownatski' blog for more:

MBA Reality Check: "Harvard Business Review just published: The Best-Performing CEOs in the World
Very interesting to see who is on that list and even more interesting to learn what their backgrounds are.  As a Business School graduate, I often wonder about the merits of an MBA degree, considering the time, effort and substantial capital that went into the education.  Going through the list of  Top50 CEOs, I noticed that only 15 out of 50 (less than a third) had a formal business education.  Although I still consider business school one of the best investments I ever made, one has to wonder what these Non-MBAs know that isn’t taught in business school and whether or not that skill can be taught at all? Next time you consider an investment, you may wonder what makes people like Steve Jobs such an “out of the box” thinker; perhaps the same thought process could be used when analyzing your next investment."

You can read more by Clemens Kownastski's latest issue of Market Insights, also available at: http://fxinvestmentstrategies.blogspot.com/

As always, please email any questions to Clemens at: info@fxistrategies.com.

Financial Post interview with Jacoline Loewen: http://bit.ly/8bDKmJ