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November 17, 2009

Does OPEC mean Canadian busineses should shift away from the USA?

OPEC is holding a big summit this weekend. Does this mean Canadian companies should swing away from America and look to Asia as their main trading partner?

America is still the largest economy in the world and will continue to be a great marketplace. No question, American entrepreneurs are beaten down psychologically right now. I am working with clients to do acquisitions there and they are keen to do business. it is worth taking a re-look.

But also, no doubt that Asia must be in every business owners’ strategy. That can mean the business owner plans to have on their "To Do" list to make one Asian connection. This could be by using Linkedin (Facebook for business) to chat with Asian connections or join an Asian Business Group.

All big business started with one single human conversation.

Tell your City councellor to organize a summit – call it Asian Business Summit.

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