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June 2, 2017

What is the ROI of Golf?

For me, golf is hard. I only started playing a few years ago, primarily for business, and just when I think I am getting bearable on the golf course, the season ends. When I watch the professionals play - like Annika Sorenstam - they make it look easy. Annika swings her club and her ball goes exactly where she determines it should go. I watch her play to get some tips for myself and dream that my ball could also glide across the green and thunk into the hole. Annika has recently stepped down as #1 top female ranked golf player. Her ROI on golf has been substantial - world class and a huge draw for TV viewers and golf enthusiasts.
Annike has dedicated herself to the game and is an expert. This means her game is predictable and you can be confident she will be the top of her category. Those few feet between my attempts at getting  the ball in the hole and Annike's are actually worth a great deal of money - the ability to win world championships and making an income from playing the sport.
My ROI for golf is a lot of fun, getting out in the sunshine with friends and getting to play with business colleagues who cheerfully put up with my lack of competence.
What is your ROI on Golf?