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June 14, 2015

Billionaires - architects of wealth and legacy

There are times in history when it has been possible to take exraordinary wealth not seen for long stretches of a century. The majority of today's billionaires have made their wealth in the past 20 years. This has been called the 2nd Guilded Age, much like the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.
Leveling off is occurring now.
The characteristics of billionaires is the ability to take risk, to have the tenacity to keep going and the ability to scale up or grow the business. If they do not have the skill to grow the business, to be able to partner with someone who can grow their enterprise.
Legacy is important.
Over two thirds of billionaires are over 60.
Without clear and sensible governance, wealth can dilute rapidly. These wealthy individuals seek out wealth experts from the world's largest and longest run financial institutions. Planning and structuring are critical and it is a specialized expertise.
Some billionaires are setting up family offices which are like private equity organizations in how they run their investments. Again, these use the platforms of large global banks in order to achieve a truly diversified portfolio.
Philanthropy is very important
Over 100 billionaires have pledged half of their wealth to philanthropic causes. Again, true wealth management has a deep expertise in the philanthropy of their clients which can pass along the lessons to the next generation.
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