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May 11, 2010

Family business is not a gift, it's an anvil

"The gift of a family business is not a gift, it is an anvil," says Tom Deans, family business owner and author of Every Family's Business. Tom reasons that second generation family businesses can slip in profits and by the third generation, the statistics tell the story, as only 10% of family businesses make that leap.
Tom agrees that a family business can pass along intellectual capital as well as the financial capital. He believes, though, that passion for living and having strong, family values count for a great deal more. Tom says, 'Wealth is not about passing along a business. It is about teaching the next generation about life lessons that matter."
The family business is a source of prosperity but if you can bring in private equity partners who are far more objective and performance driven, the business has a better chance of survival and growth. That is good for the employees and the Canadian economy. The wealth coming from the business can be put into a portfolio for the family and they have a better chance of keeping family relations the way they should be.
Strong family, strong life.
From speech given at Blakes law firm, Toronto.
Jacoline Loewen, expert in private equity for family business.