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June 29, 2009

How far do you go to invest?

How far from your office should you go to invest in companies? Would you be only interested in twenty clicks of Toronto or will you look past the Southern Ontario iron curtain?
Financial gurus are bellowing that the next twenty years growth will be in BRIC countries. "You need to move on to richer, more verdant pastures!" How will this play out for private equity?
Where to find growth is a pressing question and it is a difficult challenge for small PE firms. How will these Canadian private equity experts invest? Will it be directly into Indian and Chinese companies? The more likely scenario is to invest in Canadian companies doing business with BRIC countries?
I do know that the equity partners within a few hours drive are more likely to consistently show up to the Board meetings, contribute and even drive the strategy, get people into the office on Mondays to drive the action and generally make themselves very useful.
If the PE firm can do all of that even if far away, then terrific.
Here's Carried Interest chatting about his investment in an Australian company and they challenges he is learning about - including the language. Turns out that even though they speak English, "S'tralian has to be translated a bit. Read more...