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May 20, 2011

Business expansion top reason for private equity success - Cassels Brock

The finance industry is changing as private equity funds are setting up that are smaller, deals are smaller and are looking across a wider range of businesses. To do a better job of explaining how private equity helps business owners, Loewen Partners held an event with the law firm, Cassels Brock and invited speakers from some of our favourite private equity funds to talk about why private equity does so well with business owners. Particularly business owners of companies in the $30M revenue range have been surprised by their growth once taking on private equity partners.
I thought I try and get down a few of the critical points made:
Michael Castellarin, Clairvest, spoke about why family businesses should look to Private Equity over a final sale as the fund can smooth the family issues. Yet, I never hear a word about private equity's value at business succession events. This has got to change for Canada's economy to grow. We have 200,000 small businesses needing to get much bigger.
Jeff Brown of Edgestone focussed on the "value add" of private equity for even the best business owners. According to a 2007 study by Ernst and Young, two-thirds of the earnings growth (before taxes, interest and capital expense) at PE-owned portfolio companies came from business expansion, with organic revenue growth being the most significant element. Cost reductions accounted for only 23 percent of pre-tax earnings growth in U.S. companies. In other words, PE investors add to the company’s strength by implementing significant operational improvements to the business.
Another study done for the European Parliament supports this view. The study found that PE-acquired companies outperformed comparable publicly- traded companies in terms of sales (14 percent), earnings before taxes, interest and capital expense (5 percent), and profitability (five percent) growth.
Carlo von Schroeder of Westview Capital had inspiring words of advice for companies falling below the $24M revenue target range. Carlo suggested that if they needed to get to the level of revenues to attract private equity, owners need to do what they can to grow. Merge, acquire, add product lines and get a good advisor, like Loewen Partners and a law firm like Cassels Brock.
Thank you for everyone who attended and a big thank you to our host: Stuart English at Cassels Brock, senglish@casselsbrock.com Telephone: 416 860 5223

Jacoline Loewen at Loewen and Partners, 416 961 0862