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August 26, 2010

Entrepreneurial Businesses Drive Job Growth, says Harvard

Politicians are too likely to guess wrong about which industries are worth attracting. With job growth worrying politicians, Toronto City Hall may be tempted to chase big companies to take a tax break and set up shop.
"That's a misguided approach," says Ed Glaeser and Bill Kerr, Harvard.
Job growth and the big economic development coming from these new work roles is now proven to come from the successful incubation of "small, entrepreneurial employees--not a few big companies." Even adjusting for variables such as tax or industry, Glaeser and Kerr say, "the relationship between small firms and job growth rate stands."
Industries with smaller firms and more start-ups had faster job growth than an industry an industry in the city without a cluster of start-ups. So a gnat like cloud of small companies buzzing around larger companies will be far better suited to job growth.
According to Glaeser and Kerr, apparently large companies generate less job growth than these "gnat" sized businesses. Also, once a city establishes itself as entrepreneurial, it tends to be self perpetuating.
So Toronto needs to market itself as a City for Entrepreneurs.
A big thank you to The Globe & Mail for organizing a 6 Mayor Candidate Town hall on what to do for business.
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