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October 22, 2017

Succesful entrepreneurs who combine their business with their travel

I dislike Chai tea usually. It has a taste that does not fit my taste expectations which lean towards a sharper  Kenyan black tea. Until I was made the perfect cup of Chai tea by Eamon Fitzgerald and Rebecca Moroney, founder of Chaiwala Chai, and they changed my tea tastes
Rebecca Moroney and Eamon Fitzgerald
for ever. They use the correct traditional method and the taste was heavenly. It truly is a cup of contemplation. Now I find myself heading to Balzac for one of these Chai teas which have the comfort of a hot chocolate, but the calories of a latte. 
I caught up with the couple in the Toronto Star. Becca and Eamon have bought a van and use it to travel across Canada as they run their business, as they are also seasoned travellers who have been in Africa, Europe and South America. They would make a great pair for a reality TV show. Here is an excerpt from the Toronto Star article.

The Toronto couple has been living in a converted cargo van since spring — travelling thousands of kilometres across Canada. Their view changes often, from the snow-topped mountains of Squamish, B.C., to the beaches of Prince Edward County.
“It’s like we have a $5 million cottage on the water,” says Moroney, of spending summer days parked along a County side street. “The best part of van life is you have your home with you everywhere you go.”
Moroney, 27, and Fitzgerald, 25 are among thousands who have taken up “van life.” With more than 2.1 million posts under the hashtag #vanlife on the photo-sharing app Instagram, it’s one of the most coveted lifestyles on social media.
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