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July 20, 2017

Do you know the 3 Ways Retirement Planning is changing?

For "complete" retirement planning, there is more required than the usual "meat and potatoes" approach of financial preparation. Recent research shows that the retirement planning needs are changing.

Pre-retirees report that they are more anxious about the emotional adjustment to retirement than they are about financial security. Once over that barrier, the retirees worry about health and long-term care, and not so much about having income to sustain their lifestyle.

Our findings confirm that the wealthy investors are focused on:

1) Liquidity: Wealthy pre-retirees want to reach a certain asset or dollar level before they retire. In contrast, age is the retirement trigger for pre-retirees with fewer assets.

2) Longevity: More than half of wealthy retirees feel unprepared for health issues and long-term care. This is an opportunity for Financial Advisors to add far more value to their clients.

3) Legacy: 51% of retirees plan to leave assets to heirs and charity. As a result, many maintain and even increase equity holdings after retirement. Retirees in their eighties, for example, have equity levels similar to investors in their fifties.

July 15, 2017

Technology Hall of Fame Awards celebration

Jacoline Loewen
At the EW Technology Hall of Fame Awards celebration at the Rideau Club in Ottawa.

July 13, 2017

Could you be the future of finance?

Submit your innovation and join our launch event in Toronto

Please join us for our breakfast and briefing session about our UBS global innovation challenge for FinTech start-ups, with up to US$250,000 in prizes and support for technologies that best address our four challenges.
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The UBS Future of Finance Challenge 2017 is open to start-ups and established, growing companies that think they can change the way finance works and how banks meet their clients' needs.

To find out morehttps://innovate.ubs.com/  Complete a submission form to enter our global innovation competition for FinTech start-ups, with up to US$250,000 in prizes and support for technologies that best address our four challenges.
Twitter: #UBSinnovate


Life with a Baby celebrity golf day

Healthy Start, Healthy Future held their fourth annual Celebrity Tournament, this year featuring a special celebrity skills challenge with some of your favourite stars.

The Celebrity Tournament is in support of the Life with a Baby Program to support parents and prevent Postpartum Mood Disorders. Support focused on the mental and emotional health of mothers, and mothers of preterm infants who spend time in the NICU to prevent postpartum depression.
It was a terrific golf event that featured appearances by a wide range of celebrities who believe in our cause.

Our 4th annual golf tournament took place on Monday July 10th 2017 at The Thornhill Club..
Jacoline Loewen and golf with Healthy Start

Healthy Start, Healthy Future manages the Life with a Baby Program, Canada’s largest peer‐to‐peer network with over 10,000 members. This program is geared toward providing a Healthy Start for parents and children from day one.  Members are primarily mothers aged 25‐40 with at least one child. Proceeds from the event will benefit Life with a Baby and other programs that support new and expecting parents to ease the transition to parenthood and prevent the debilitating effects of Post‐Partum Depression and of Perinatal Mood Disorders.

For the fourth year in a row, CFL Hall of Famer Damon Allen returned as host for the event along with Todd Keirstead, golf professional, founder of Golf With Attitude and Bring Back the Game - which focuses on helping everyone enjoy golf regardless of age or (dis)ability.

Other celebrities in attendance include:
  • Murray Foster – Songwriter, environmentalist, filmmaker, and musician with Moxy FrüvousGreat Big Sea, and the Cocksure Lads.
  • Bryan Muir - Retired NHL defenceman and former Stanley Cup Champion with the Colorado Avalanche.
    Sherman Hamilton – Former Basketball Player for Team Canada and sports analyst on Sportsnet & NBA TV.
  • Paul Jones –  Raptors TV host and Raptors play-by-play announcer for radio broadcasts.
  • Sherry Middaugh – Five-time Ontario and one-time Saskatchewan curling champion, multi-time bronze medalist at the Scotties Tournament of hearts.
  • Rob Hitchcock – Former linebacker and safety for the Hamilton Tiger Cats and the Edmonton Eskimos of the CFL.
  • Gregg T. Butler – Former CFL defensive back and football coach at the CFL and CIS levels.
  • Bob Turcotte – Retired curler, winner of 3 Canadian senior curling championships, multiple provincial titles, and a world championship.
  • Roy Weigand – Retired curler, winner of 3 Canadian senior curling championships, multiple provincial titles, and winner of one world championship. 
  • Jason Portuondo – Veteran Canadian TV/Radio personality and sportscaster for TSN, CTV, Sportsnet, G98.7FM, and 680 News.
  • Ian Leggatt –  Retired professional golfer, winner of one PGA Tour event and one Nationwide Tour event. Ian appears as a golf analyst on Sportsnet and is currently the Director of Golf at The Summit Golf and Country Club.
  • Dennis Maruk – A retired Ukrainian-Canadian professional ice hockey player. He played in the National Hockey League from 1975 to 1989, scoring a career high 60 goals for the Washington Capitals in 1981–82.
  • Dwayne De Rosario - A retired Canadian professional soccer player, who played as a forward or as an attacking midfielder. A four-time MLS Cup champion, he also won the 2011 MLS Most Valuable Player award. 
  • Anson Henry - A Canadian sprinter who specializes in the 100 metres. At the 2003 Pan American Games he won the bronze medal in the 100 metres. Also competed at the 2008 Olympic Games.
  • Glenn Howard - Canadian curler from Tiny, Ontario. One of the most decorated curlers of all time; He has won 4 world championships, 4 Briers and 15 Ontario provincial championships.
  • Elliot Price - A Canadian sportscaster and currently the host of the morning show of CJCL 590 in Toronto.

July 12, 2017

Boomers will pass $4 Trillion to the Next Generation business owners over the next 5 years

The huge transfer of small business wealth is the last big direct impact that the baby boomers are going to have on the economy during their working lives, said Glenn Huber, president of Calgary-based private equity firm Chrysalis Acquisition Partners Inc. After that, boomers’ big influence will be mainly on the travel industry, retirement homes, and ultimately, the funeral business.
Jacoline Loewen, director of business development
Mr. Huber’s company has set up a fund, the Chrysalis Acquisition Fund 1, to buy up small and medium-sized businesses in Western Canada that are looking for an alternative to selling to heirs, employees, or individual buyers. In many cases the fund will partner with a small firm’s remaining management, providing the capital to help buy out the founder.
Jacoline Loewen, director of business development at UBS Bank (Canada)
 and an expert on small business succession, said the recession delayed the start of the boomer transition because many entrepreneurs did not want to sell out while the economy was weak. Now, she said, many are ready to think about it, although few have done the necessary preparation. That has created an even bigger bubble of small companies ready to change hands.
Ideally, business owners should begin thinking about transition five to 10 years before they leave, she said, and even before they hit their 50th birthday. In preparation, they should hire advisers, or at least set up an expert advisory board that can help guide them and provide contacts. But baby boomers tend to overestimate their health and stamina, and “stay on for far too long,” Ms. Loewen said.
The first choice for many small business owners is to have their children take over, Ms. Loewen said, although often the kids just aren’t interested, having seen the toll that running an enterprise can take. When the children are keen to take over, she said, a proper valuation of the business needs to be performed, and the next generation should be prepared to buy in – even competing with external buyers if necessary.
At Alps Welding, Mr. Dussin and his parents set up a structure where he received shares that will gain value as the business grows. Eventually, he can buy out his parents’ holding.
More importantly, Mr. Dussin said, was the gradual process of shifting managerial control from one generation to the next. He came in as vice-president 11 years ago, then took on more responsibility over time, becoming president about five years ago.
Mr. Dussin’s father is still involved, and that is a key aspect of baby-boomer business succession if it is to proceed smoothly. “This business is my father’s life … He doesn’t have a lot of interests outside of work. It is not like he has been waiting to play golf five times a week,” Mr. Dussin said.

PricewaterhouseCoopers, in a recent report, predicts a “highly competitive buyer’s market between 2018 and 2025” for family businesses, and suggests that many owners will not get the nest egg they hoped for.
Over all, the sale of small businesses in the coming decade will involve a massive transfer of assets – estimated at between $1-trillion and $4-trillion in Canada alone. And if many of those businesses simply close up shop, it could damage the economy through significant loss of employment.

Boomers will pass a small-business baton worth as much as $4-trillion