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May 9, 2010

People do not buy what you do, but why you do it.

If you hire people who can do the job, they will work for your money, but if you hire people because what they believe in what you do, then they will give you their blood, sweat and tears.
You can hire the best minds that money can buy but if you are not passionate about why you are working as a team, you will not go as far. At the time of the Wright brothers who were trying to figure out how to fly, there was a competitor who we do not know, unless we do deep research. This man had the best minds from the top universities, tons of money and the newspapers following him around. In comparison, the Wright brothers had no money, not a single person on the team had a college education and the media ignored them. Wilbur and Orville's competitor was pursuing the riches and fame. The Wright brothers were driven by desire to take flight. The irony is that the day the Wilbur brothers took flight, there was no one there to witness this historic event. That same day the brothers took flight, their competitor quit. I found that shocking but it makes sense because he was seeking a hollow reward, the Wright brothers were seeking to soar into the sky in a flying machine not for fame, but for the sheer challenge. Imagine their pure joy rather than someone counting the financial riches.
This concept that customers buy why you do your company reminded me of Dani Reiss, owner of Canada Goose, a Canadian family business. Dani says, “Manufacturing is going to come back to Canada because consumers want authenticity. This is becoming increasingly important worldwide and people are taking more interest, not only in labour-friendly goods, but in iconic genuine brands with substance. We gained extensive manufacturing expertise making private label clothing. Learning a little bit from each brand helped us to create the best parkas on the planet."
Canada Goose has made Profit magazine's Next 100 as one of Canada's fastest-growing companies. Maybe Dani has a point about manufacturing?

People do not buy what you do, but why you do it. What do you believe?
Watch the video.

Jacoline Loewen, family business expert