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July 16, 2009

Finance Club For Women

For women meeting with private equity investors, you will be judged within the first five minutes. Will you convey confidence that you deserve to manage a whole lot of capital entrusted to you or will your body language say that you are not strong enough?
You may give off the wrong message without even opening your mouth.
Here's Forbes Woman's best advice for transforming your self-presentation into one that commands respect. Read more:
Raquel Laneri tells us, "Jeannine Fallon, executive director of corporate communications at Edmunds.com, learned this at a training course called "Women Unlimited," which she attended when she worked at Volvo 10 years ago."
"I distinctly remember one insight," she says of the session. "At a boardroom table, women tend to pile all their materials neatly and sit tucked into the table, while men tend to sprawl out, push away from the table, cross his ankle over a knee and lock arms behind his head. It was impressed upon us that the concept of taking up space correlates to the concept of dominance." The result? "I've never sat tucked into a table since."

Carey O'Donnell Public Relations Group, based in West Palm Beach, Fla., "many of us have no idea that our non-verbal cues are making an impact. There are thousands of micro-expressions, and people are reading these, even if they are only subconsciously translating these cues."
Some of the visual ticks common to women:
--Tilting your head--a sign of listening that can be misinterpreted as one of submission or even flirting.
--Folding your hands on your lap--hiding your hands under a conference table or desk, for example, signals untrustworthiness; a cue from ancient times, when men would reveal their palms to show they were unarmed.
--Crossing your legs--a sign of resistance.
--Excessive smiling--an indication that you lack gravitas and seriousness.
--Folding your arms in front of you--translates to insecurity or defensiveness.
--Playing with or tugging at your hair, jewelry or clothes--can signal distress or, again, be misinterpreted as flirting.
Well, now we know. I love to play with my jewelry so I had better cut that out! Check out the grumpy comments from men who came to the Forbes site to read the article. One fellow pouts,"If I had known this was body language for women, I would not have checked out this site." Poor man...