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November 8, 2009

Tim Hockey, TD Canada Trust, says stock options makes mercenaries of us

The SpencerStuart panel on executive compensation warmly applauded Tim Hockey and humanistic approach to executive compensation. Here are a few of Tim's key points:

Tim Hockey, Group Head, Canadian Banking, President and CEO, TD Canada Trust, says that executive compensation needs to be carefully balanced or else it can make mercenaries out of us all. Tim used the scale of “Patriot versus Mercenary” as a range of behaviours exhibited by management. In banking circles, a retail banker is a Patriot who does it for the community and on the other side is the investment banker who seeks revenue in the same manner as that of a Mercenary. Tim says that human capital must be made to be worth more.

What is the role of a business? As Peter Drucker says, it is to fulfil a customer’s unmet needs and get rewarded. At TD, every executive is compensated on customer satisfaction. If an executive is "incentivized" only on the stock price, that would not fit the TD culture. At TD, executives are to act in a Patriot way.

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