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November 4, 2018

Family Wealth: 5 Essential Questions

Having listened to many families of wealth and seeing their family situations, for better or for worse, it does appear that money can impact also for better or for worse. After creating their wealth, entrepreneurs then are concerned about investing, but their overriding concern is the impact on their children. How will the new money affect them? 
Actually, it worries them deeply and we have all heard stories of families who had wayward next generation due to the wealth. What should a wealthy family do?

Listening to entrepreneurs who have sold their business and received an eye watering amount of money, I notice that the great families tend to ask themselves these six questions. 

1.       What is really important to our family?

2.       What are our family’s true assets?

3.       What should I do to guide and support the life journey of each of my family members over time?

4.       How wealthy do I want my children to be?

5.       Do I feel any responsibility to society?

You might also ask what sort of family do you want to be? What do you want - both with family legacy or family stories? Even the answer from your children might be – "meh" – and that says a great deal.
What legacy do you want to leave your children? What about a legacy left for society? Deciding where you want to go with your financial success and why you want to meet those goals will get your strategy going. Determining how to get there and which legal arrangements to use are secondary tactical decisions.
Your financial wealth a is wonderful vehicle to help your family do a shared goal.  In my experience, families who go through this process achieve better results – financially and emotionally.
By the way, my definition of a successful family is one that knows who it is, what it stands for and where it is going. Successful families manage themselves deliberately.  There is a lot at stake for families and each family member. If you and your family can define what is significant, before doing, then your next generation have an excellent chance of thriving.
A staggering amount of wealth has been created in the USA and inheritances given, foundations endowed and legacies created.  The wealthy family is trying to find this other dimension more and more.
The other question, after answering "what is important", is what will be the impact on my children and heirs? I often think that the second question is more important. It is also far more unpredictable. It is why you want to know the life lessons of the best entrepreneurs and how they have managed their family wealth.