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October 19, 2017

What's the most exciting technology on your radar?

It has been a week of technology here in Toronto with SIBOS, CIX and the UBS Future of Finance Awards Dinner.

One of the questions I got to ask our finalists of the UBS Future of Finance was their views on cryptocurrencies and banking fintechs impact on banks. Our UBS COO, Axel Lehmann, spoke about this topic too. Axel Lehmann said,
I truly believe that whole question of robotics and artificial intelligence over a time horizon of four to eight years will fundamentally change the banking business. As banks, we understand that our business is all about data. These technologies have the potential to really fundamentally change the way we operate in terms of getting smarter with the customer, understanding what kind of products we should offer and so on. That is definitely exciting.

I post on Twitter the question: What is the most exciting technology on your radar. One of the best answers came from Roman Monaenkov @roma_odin  who said his answer was Etherium - the cryptocurrency. Do I sense a little bias as Vitalik is also Russian and here in Toronto.

Here is the fantastic video sent by Roman which features Vitalik Buterin, one of the founders of Etherium.  Vitalik is speaking as the keynote speaker at MaRS explaining cryptocurrency in a thorough and understandable presentation.

Vitalak Buterin, speaking about Etherium and cryptocurrency at MaRS, Toronto.

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