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November 28, 2013

Barry Critchley, Financial Post: Sluggish tone of Canadian mergers and acquisitions

How is the Canadian economy's health? One measurement is to examine the number of mergers and acquisitions being sealed across the country. As usual, finance guru, Barry Critchley, Financial Post gives details in a great article in the Financial Post. It sounds as if it is a good time  to sell your business:

Crosbie & Co. has crunched the numbers and the sluggish tone of the Canadian mergers and acquisitions continued in the recently completed third quarter.

“According to Colin W. Walker, Crosbie, Strong value in the face of weak activity partly reflects the fact that that many transactions are getting done at good valuations. Not only are there generally more buyers than sellers right now, but buyers are paying up for good quality companies, added Walker noting that valuations are being stretched because of the exceptionally attractive financing terms currently available”.

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Unknown said...

If you're an aging boomer business owner, selling your company is likely something you're considering. Is now the right time? Many put off this life-altering decision, but by waiting too long these major decisions could be made for you.