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August 4, 2009

Big brand private equity to get the upper hand

The Securities and Exchange Commission Monday released the full, 114-page documentation supporting proposals to ending pay-to-play problems at public pension funds that it made last month.
As sister blog Private Equity Beat points out, reports Scott Austin, the documentation affirms what many placement agents had feared after reading the short initial proposal from the SEC, which was somewhat vague: under the new rules, private equity firms would be banned from using placement agents to solicit business from government pension fund clients.
With regards to venture capital firms, which generally don’t use placement agents as much as buyout firms, this is especially troublesome to the smaller firms that rely on them to raise capital. If this ban does go through - the proposal will be open for comment for 60 days, it may give the so-called brand name firms even more of the upper hand. For reactions, read more in VentureWire….