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May 27, 2018

Is it better for company boards to have at least one director educated in board governance?

It is an honour to be part of the Rotman graduating class for the Directors Education Program, 2018.
The experience was top quality and I come away from the intense experience knowing a great deal more than when I started, despite having served on many boards.

The Rotman DEP assembled a great class of individuals and I valued the group work done with each of these terrific people. Rotman puts together a professional post in the newspaper to celebrate all the hard work, along with the message below.

ICD - D Rotman Graduating Class - Jacoline Loewen
"Congratulations, You have completed the ICD-Rotman Directors Education Program (DEP), and are a part of the 72nd DEP, Toronto. "

"To recognize your achievement, the ICD ran a full page graduation advertisement in The Globe & Mail today. For your convenience, the ad has also been posted on the ICD website, available here"

The time invested in this program run by top academics and practitioners does yield much worth. I believe it will benefit the Canadian economy as the expertise flows through to publicly traded corporations, in particular.

Too many of these boards are appointed by the CEO or Founder which makes them far too docile. Many directors believe their prime role is governance and do not contribute towards the strategy.

Also, many directors believe their allegiance is to the person who hired them to the board, too often the CEO or Founder. Hopefully, Canadian companies will benefit from all this terrific business acumen.