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June 8, 2017

Sustainable Investing delivers winning stock portfolio over long term

Jacoline Loewen, Sustainable Investing, Vancouver, 2017
In Vancouver, presenting on Sustainable Investing. Thank you to the Swiss Consulate for hosting us at the official residence of the Swiss Confederation. Great event.

The thesis is that sustainable business practices can be much more than a cost, a good deed, or good public relations for businesses—it can be a source of competitive advantage. In his 35 years in the investment industry, Bruno has experienced that picking sustainable companies for investing does not mean forgoing a higher return.  

Bruno runs the Global Sustainable Fund which brings a way to look at the relationship between business and society that does not treat corporate profits and societal well-being (including sustainability) as just a balancing exercise. It is good business and the consequences mean lowered reputational risk to brand equity, for example. 

United Airlines is experiencing the social consequences of their lack of sustainable corporate culture and their subsequent employee actions which shocked the travelling client base.

Bruno's investing strategy encourages public companies to discover opportunities to benefit society and themselves by strengthening the competitive context in which they operate, to
 determine which CSR or sustainability initiatives they should address, and to find the most effective ways of doing so.

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