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July 26, 2009

The Future is Tiny

The future is tiny, says Colin Campbell in MacLean's magazine. Colin tells us that it's not just cars that are getting smaller, it's the companies too.
If you think everyone in the auto sector is feeling grim these days, then you haven’t talked to John Vernile. The vice-president of sales at Hyundai Auto Canada says the recent turmoil has been nothing but good news.
Sales for the South Korean automaker are up “in every segment,” he says—amounting to an overall surge in sales of 20 per cent during the first half of this year. “When this downturn hit, it just dialled things up for us,” he says.
Thanks in part to the demand for Hyundai’s smaller cars, the company has suddenly emerged as one of the dominant players, not just in North America but globally. It’s now the fifth-largest carmaker in the world. In quality surveys, it ranks ahead of Toyota and Honda. Market share is up, sales are up, and opportunity abounds. Despite the tough economic times, “we quietly celebrate here,” says Vernile.
In the meantime, I read that GM has put out a Cadillac perfume - tell me that it's not true! Got to keep up to date with the consumers, I suppose. I can just hear marketing: Well, if you can't afford a car, you might as well smell like one...

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