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November 5, 2018

Sustainable, Impact Investing Assets Surge - Study reports

This week, I am running three Sustainable Investing events with our experts from New York and Switzerland. This article on Sustainable investing and the rapid uptake of funds came across my desk today. It is written by one of my favourite editors, Tom Burroughes, Group Editor, Family Wealth Report.  The full article was posting on November 5, 2018:

The trend of ESG and impact investing continues to build momentum, according to figures from the US.
Investments that are deemed sustainable or that achieve certain impact beyond purely monetary results are now worth $12 trillion in the US, new figures show, a quarter of all the total assets managed professionally in the country, and a 38 per cent jump from just two years ago.

The data comes from the US SIF Foundation’s 2018 biennial report on such trends. Since the report was first issued in 1995, when sustainable/impact investing accounted for about $639 billion of AuM, the market has surged 18-fold.

Such ways of using investment muscle are gaining ground because, advocates say, they appeal to people who want to not just accumulate savings for the long term but to address issues such as pollution, crime, educational failure and mistreatment of women, among other concerns.

The latest report identified $11.6 trillion in ESG incorporation assets under management at the outset of 2018 held by 496 institutional investors, 365 money managers and 1,145 community investing financial institutions. The largest percentage of money managers cited client demand as their top motivation for pursuing ESG incorporation, while the largest number of institutional investors cited fulfilling mission and pursuing social benefit as their top motivations.

“Money managers and institutions are utilizing ESG criteria and shareholder engagement to address a plethora of issues including climate change, diversity, human rights, weapons and political spending,” Lisa Woll, US SIF Foundation CEO, said.

Retail and high net worth individuals are increasingly utilizing this investment approach with $3 trillion in sustainable assets, the
US SIF Foundation reported.