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January 29, 2016

7 Question Series: insights into investors and how they judge who gets their capital

“Knowledge is Power,” said Sir Francis Bacon, the scientist, writer, statesman. His observation rings true. Flakey App companies get millions of dollars of investment capital effortlessly, or so it seems. In comparison, meaningful companies with far greater value to add to the world – IT, health care, time-saving products, manufacturers -  get left cash-starved.  

Why do some businesses get equity investors of the top calibre while other equally worthy companies starve from lack of investment capital? And how can an entrepreneur improve their odds of being chosen as a compelling investment by a high calibre investor? In this interview series you’ll get some of these answers! Venture capitalists from the United States, Canada and Britain reveal the body of ideas and questions required to be addressed by the entrepreneur before seeking out an investor, such as how to leverage data to know what is happening in their business, how to scale up the operations by having dash boards to manage incoming data, what needs to be built in place early in the foundation-building timing of the business life cycle.

In this invaluable 7 Question Series, business leaders will get insights into understanding investors and how they judge entrepreneurs worthy of receiving their precious capital, entrepreneurs will discover that attracting investors is an achievable goal. Investors are also sifting through haystacks to find the needle. Entrepreneurs need to ensure that the investor’s metal detector rings loudly.
With the interviews in The 7 Questions Interview Series: Data and Venture Capital, entrepreneurs will gain invaluable knowledge rapidly. It will transform their ability to connect with investors and demonstrate their readiness to have capital partners. It is a jam-packed tour through the leading venture capitalist brains and how they make their decision to select one company, but discard another similar business. Some of the points seem over the top, such as why you need data to know your whole industry and to predict where to grow the business. 

Why would that be important? 

Entrepreneurs will learn that raising capital for their business is about the right mathematical fit, knowing the right fit of people to help you, and having the best questions to ask that will signal instant rapport with the best investors. So enjoy the journey!