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September 25, 2009

TIE was a friendly place to be

I attended TIE last night as a guest of Victor D’Souza, a terrific finance consultant. TIE is for Indian entrepreneurs but not limited to your race – I tend to not like events specific to gender or geographic locations, but this one worked very well because everyone was made to feel welcome. There were some smart lawyers, accountants and of course private equity in the room too.

The warm and erudite Sunny Kumar was there, representing MaRS and Ontario Centres of Excellence. He was commenting on the restrictions in size for government loans to start up companies. The maximum is $500,000 which sounds like a lot if you were given that personally, but burns up quickly once you are trying to build a product and get clients.

Sunny is an expert in medical and pharma businesses but is also helping with other start ups at MaRS. You can reach him at sunny.kumar at oce-ontario.org