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November 27, 2012

Is Health and Wellness a cost?

Is Health and Wellness a benefit or a cost? Why would a CFO in a larger, employee heavy firm, not take a look at implementing a Health and Wellness program?

It is easier to get fired for doing something that went wrong or that someone found objectionable than it is to get fired for maintaining the status quo.

For example, in the corporate health and wellness industry, there is decades of evidence that positive ROI can be created with a solid wellness program. (And of course a poorly run wellness program can cost hundreds of thousands.) 

With health insurance costs skyrocketing it often amazes me when I see not fund a proper wellness program and go with "free" health fairs that are designed and run by medical doctors who simply use the corporate event to fill their out-of-network medical practice with patients.

It is management's responsibility to maximize the value of the organization but, despite all of the evidence that corporate wellness programs work, the average CFO still refuses to fund a professional program.  Their Human Resources or Benefits department struggle.

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