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November 5, 2012

How can CFOs lengthen the average tenure of 18 months?

Many lower-level employees constantly make recommendations to improve the business -- and that is how they get promoted. Some people make recommendations, but these suggestions fall on deaf or antagonistic ears. 

How to get the benefits? 

To keep away from a general management textbook shelf, I think the bigger issue is the fact that we train people in sales, accounting, software development, and other vertical skills -- and we under-train in horizontal change methods, technologies, training and techniques. Most change, in the "millions" category require changes across organizational line, require changes in IT systems, and require a project management skill-set within a repeatable change methodology or system. 

We are Business Transformation professionals at Crosbie and Company, and "change" is our business. Until companies put "continuous change" at the forefront of everyday behavior, and train their employees in change (we call it Transformation), it will remain a hit or miss activity. 

CFOs need to be outspoken advocates for Business Transformation, or they will be doomed to a 18 month tenure as investors will keep searching for leaders to get them into the top quartile of industry performance.

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