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November 22, 2008

Stand out in this economy

What makes one conference centre company’s service so much better than the others?
The human element.
But when most venues say they train their staff, what can make the crucial difference?
Ricky Bhang of The National Club says, “My pet peeve is when someone says no.” Ricky trains the staff at this exclusive Bay Street club to never let the word “No” be heard by a client. If a club member makes a request that the staff member believes to be impossible, they are trained to start the conversation with, “Let me find out and get right back to you.”
As Ricky says, “If you are paying and someone says no, that is going to reduce the experience. Even if it’s just a little, it’s still not the best.” This week, listen to how you speak to clients. How about a week where we all take a little training from Ricky Bhang and say, “Yes.”
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