Dress for Success

Questions at speeches about your book are always interesting. At the TBDC presentation, I was asked by John Renfrew, “How do you find money for your business?” John told me he is working on a medical product and wants to attract investment dollars.
MaRS Discovery Centre is the first place to start for a new entrepreneur like John. They hold conferences and networking events with a cost of $25. Investors hang out at these events and if you collect business cards and do follow up coffee meetings, you will find out who has money for your medical product.
But looking at John, I could see he would not be taken seriously by anyone unless he got a serious makeover.
The good news is that it is quite a simple thing to achieve. The secret weapon is a navy blue blazer. Team that up with a white shirt and your credibility goes up 100%. Human beings are funny beasts and we do make judgements about people by how they look. I still have my favourite 20 year old, blue blazer which has travelled around the world with me and whenever I wear it, it lends a whole level of gravitas to me and pays off in many ways.


Anonymous said...

I find it hard to believe that people with the money will make a decision in the first fifteen minutes.

Anonymous said...

I attended a presentation (Granite Club) by Jacoline and would like to know if I could have a copy of the Power Point presentation as I found it most interesting and informative and would like to review again.
Many thanks for you help
David Harris