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November 26, 2008

Someone to Watch Over You

I listened to a speech while lunching at Bay Street's secret handshake club last week where the guest speaker was Tom Hockin.
He told us not to tell anyone else, but since the finance industry was in such a crisis, now was the time to stop the madness of 13 separate regulatory bodies and merge into one.
Mr Hockin had travelled across Canada, putting together legislation that everyone - except Quebec - agreed to support.
Appears that The National Post got the story a few days later:
Canadian businesses would no longer have to file securities filings with 13
different provincial and territorial regulators, as they have for decades, and
brings to an end a much-criticized regulatory system described as "convoluted",
"unwieldy" and "Byzantine".
Instead, stock and bond-issuing institutions
would have to file prospectuses and other regulatory documents with only two
regulators -- a national body and its Quebec counterpart.

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