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November 12, 2008

Our Chairman, Chuck Loewen, Discussed at Schulich

I was a guest speaker at Schulich School of Business last night and had to cross the Union’s picket line. It was dark, 6:30pm and I was engrossed in thought. I did vaguely notice a woman in a fuzzy sweater walk past my car but as she was not police, I did not pay her much attention.
I found out later that I was supposed to roll down my window to listen to the union’s side of the story. No wonder they made me sit there for ages!
But as I hear of Polar Capital being closed and more on Bay Street, I just wonder about this model of government workers voting themselves higher pay raises during bad times. The Union at Ford is hanging in until that old cow is dry so I guess the same for Canada.
The students made it to Bob Angel’s marketing class and I was impressed with the level of interest. Cindy asked me if marketing using a photograph of an old, white man in our brochure (our Chairman, Chuck Loewen) was a good idea. She thought it would put off people as the world is now more diverse. Maybe one day we will get beyond identity as a decision making criteria but for now it seems that it is an issue for marketing.
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