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April 5, 2008

Money Magnet: Attracting Investors to Your Business

Time to pop the champagne - I finished the final editing of my book Money Magnet with the great editorial team at Wiley. Since this is my third book, I am asked why I choose to go with an old technology publishing house rather than post as an e-book or do it myself with a vanity press.
Well, because Wiley is firmly planted in the 21st century and knows its place is no longer the gate keeper of authors clamoring to get their work out to their adoring public. What they are doing is helping experienced writers like myself learn the new technology cyber ropes. They are building my book website and have done a superb job of editing my book with not one, not two by three editors who have cut my ramblings to a sporty, fast read.
The bigger job I have is fitting Money Magnet to my company, Loewen & Partners as the client base for our company are business owners with companies making more than $10M revenues and Money Magnet is definitely a broader readership. Any advice?
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