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April 26, 2008

Blogs in Plain Canadian English

Are you the owner of a business? Was your company founded a few generations ago by your grandfather? If you are a family business, you may be in danger of living in the past glories and history of the company rather than moving into the future. To get yourself up to date, I suggest you blog. Too intimidating? You don’t type? You can’t write? No worries – seriously. Here is a visual cartoon – no hard bits- on how to blog. Commoncraft found out that people like to watch other people draw. It does break through to the busy brain. They have drawn a quick story board of how blogs work. This website is also useful for giving you ideas on how to get across your company products and services in an unforgetable way. Seth Godin also has an uplifting blog which has taught me a great deal about how to get a higher ranking on Google. His blog appears near the top when you just Google Blog so I guess he knows his stuff.
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