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April 22, 2008

Deals That You Have Blown

If you are trying to raise capital but getting turned down, read this list of passed deals by the USA's oldest venture capital company. They passed on Cisco, eBay and even visited the house where the Google guys were using the garage to start up their search engine. A friend who owned the house had been telling them about these smart students and all the VC s could say was, "how can we get out of this house without passing the garage?" Read more in MacLean's magazine.
Bessemer Venture Partners is perhaps the nation's oldest venture capital firm, carrying on an unbroken practice of venture capital investing that stretches back to 1911. One thing for sure - they have a good sense of humour as they list their passes on companies which are now the top ten pics of any investor. These VCs say, "if only we had invested in any of these companies. We would not be working today." I don't know - sounds as if they would because it is evident that they love helping growing companies get capital and move forward with their dreams - much like Loewen & Partners.
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