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July 19, 2012

The Bachelor Ben Flajnik Shares His Delicious Epilogue Wine

  As a fan of The Bachelor reality TV show, I recognized Ben Flajnik in Toronto. At first I hesitated to bother him because he would prefer some privacy, but then I realized that I had been wondering if his wine was in the local LCBO, like Firestone wine. I did not even know the brand name - he might try Ben Flajnik for a new blend.
Anyway, what a delightful man who must be very tired of people interupting his day but who did not give me a hint of irritation. When I asked him about his wine - Epilogue, by the way - he glowed that entreprneural glow so familiar to those of us in the business of Private Equity and Venture Capital. When deciding on financing business owners, the character of the person is the most critical element in making a positive decision and Ben has wine in his DNA. He is also surprisingly humble. He spoke about how he and his partner ,who is in the photos on the website, were in Toronto promoting their listing. They were all over the news, but I had missed this important fact.
I predict success for Ben as he obviously enjoys his business and since my husband picks up a bottle of Firestone wine for me regularly, now he will have another "The Bachelor" wine to add to the list.
Congratulations to entrepreneur, Ben, and my husband tells me he will be picking up several bottles in the Epilogue label to take to friends up in cottage country this weekend. What will you be drinking?

The Bachelor's wines:
The Bachelor Ben Flajnik
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