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July 27, 2012

He's Baaack - Henry Blodgett

Not George Clooney.
I just heard that the USA IPO market is about to be jump started by allowing newly listed companies a vacation from Sarbanes-Oxley regulation. The authorities have finally realized they have driven their financial market into the ditch with their excessive regulation. IPOs are down 90% and sitting here in Canada, we send companies to London AIM and do not look at the US anymore.
The regulations are being taken away around analysts having to have a Chinese Wall (are we allowed to say that anymore?) between corporate finance putting together the deals and the analysts advising on whether to buy or sell the shares in the deal. Back in the late 90's, Henry Blodgett advised millions of investors to buy AOL and not Amazon. I was one of those investors with Merrill Lynch at the time. What a disaster that was.
So the US regulators, who have finally clued in their regulation has beaten away the world, are taking off the restrictions. Henry Blodgett can be at the board room table again, helping sell the deals and fund.

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