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November 17, 2010

What Extras Helped Those Who Rose to Leadership?

Why take the time to meet new people and introduce them to others in your network?
High achievers don't turn into leaders, even if they seem to have the right skills, without the power that comes from going beyond the letter of the job and doing what Harvard Business School professor, Moss Kanter, calls "The Extras". 
One that caught my eye is  being a connector. Malcolm Gladwell explored this skill set in his best seller, Blink, and explains why it makes such a huge difference in rising up the business ladder of influence and success. Here's Moss Kanter's comment on being a connector:
Opening doors. Power to the connectors! Those who rise to leadership keep their virtual Rolodex rolling. They know enough about others to spot something of interest to them and pass it on, opening doors or making key introductions. In the new networked companies, connectors are the go-to people, the must-haves at meetings. The effects are viral. The more they connect, the more connections come to them.
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