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November 18, 2010

10 Steps to Get Your Staff Ready for A New Hire

With a new hire, the people within the company may get their feathers ruffled by not being involved early enough. Managers are busy and sometimes it is easier at the time not to bother with managing the human emotions of new hires. I was reminded by Jocelyn Cossar, an expert in managing change, of the importance of getting organized and it really takes such a small amount of time with big pay-offs. Cossar gives The 10 Steps For Good Change. These were appreciated by my client, and I asked Jocelyn if I could share her process:
"Many have said, although sometimes hard to believe, that change is a good thing. We all know that employees resist change because they feel they stand to lose once the change goes through.  A good approach to resistance to change is to see it as an opportunity for engagement. Below you will find a step-by-step guide to change management."
  1.  Consult with employees during the decision-making stage
  2. Discuss with employees the reasons for the change
  3. Ask for feedback on the proposed change
  4. Clarify everyone's role in the change process
  5. Involve employees in the implementation strategy
  6. Develop a timeline on specific actions of implementation
  7. Determine the priority of actions
  8. Provide training on new systems or procedures
  9. Review the progress of the change
  10. Maintain open lines of communication
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