The City Needs to Get out of the Way of Business

Ford for Mayor! Last night, at the Mayors' debate, he said the most profound statement about the City's role.
Ford said, "We need government to get out of the way of business." 
He went on to explain that government needs to let the business people get on with what they are trying to create and get on their side instead of against them.
Pretty profound.
I would like to see Ford get a big vision articulated of Toronto as a City for Entrepreneurs to come and set up as there is smart university talent here for employees, etc.Miller had his Green City, we have heard about being a Creative City, what about being a City that supports business operators?
Another point is that the mayors seem to think that all businesses are stores or cafes. There are high intellect businesses too and we also want the City to help us.
If there is funding to going to parades, what about an engineering competition and forum. Instead of just parties and drinking, what about intellectual business events? 
I am grateful though that most of the candidates realize it's time to downsize and help business do what they do best. 


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