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September 28, 2010

3 Hottest Technologies for Investors

Those Harvard Business Review articles telling you how innovation works in big corporates are yesterday's news. Companies like Google, IBM, Oracle and Cisco have massive war chests to buy innovation, not grow it in their own company.
The good news is that Canada is chock full of innovators in technology doing great companies that are being bought by the large corporates for big bucks.
So see if you have one of the 3 specialties to attract investors.
3 Investor Target Technologies
1. You have Real Time Data. for example, a customer goes to a bank to withdraw cash at the ATM but is low in funds. The software checks out his business, his mortgage, his past record and decides to up hs credit for $2,000 as he has a great track record. That's real time data working to make more money.
2. Data Ownership. Thomson Reuter has rights to their data and they are deep and industry specific with their data.
3. Span or Connect the Enterprise. Risk management and compliance are the hottest words out there. One way to reduce risk is to make sure it applies across the entire company. So any technology that can reach across the entire enterprise, end to end is appealing.
Any of the above 3 will get investors itching to invest in your technology company.

Jacoline Loewen, expert in Private Equity, author of Money Magnet: Attract Investors to Your Business.
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