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June 11, 2009

We are Entrepreneurs

I am not that comfortable talking about women entrepreneurs and business, as each woman's experience is so diverse. I can only speak from a financing perspective for women, where success comes from the ability to get the cash flow to grow the business aggressively.
Last night, I was delighted to speak to a room full of dynamic business women at the Ivey Women's Entrepreneur Club organized by Eva Szymanski, Maven Events, and was very impressed with their lively discussion. It helped that the feisty Sarah Thomson, publisher of Women's Post gave quick feedback based on her experience in building an online community for smart women. I was reminded of Jim Balsillie, RIM, who berated entrepreneurs at a conference for not asking questions fast and aggressively enough. "Guys," he said, "If I was in New York, people would be lining up to get the microphone. Come on, switch onto hyper drive." No trouble with these women entrepreneurs at Ivey - they were firing questions and sharing business problems like crazy.
"Companies need to do brand and growth strategy. With my love of sports," Marysia Czarsky of Velocity Partnerships told me, "I help companies get competing." Looking at Marysia's energy, I could see how she brings that to her clients. Reflecting on the evening, it was great to spend time with a large room of competitive women like Marysia. I do beleive that a tipping point is being reached here in Canada, where we do not have to be concerned about being a woman, we just have to love being an entrepreneur.
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