Jack Welch gets into videos.

Listening to business leaders is a great way to leap frog your own company, and the business podcasts on iTunes are one way to get access to the best business minds in the world.
One of my favourite podcasts is Jack and Suzy Welch, listed under BusinessWeek. Each week, Jack riffs about business, with Suzy pushing for clarification. It's a great listen. Jack is now starting his online university and all I can say, this is the new way of education.
Here is the next level of Jack and Suzy's show.
RT @jack_welch: Web show- It’s Everybody’s Business (with Microsoft) View it here. http://bit.ly/6dCCF


nCompassCapital said...

I worked for GE during the Welch days - he ran a GE that was based on execution. Today it seems that many of the principles that drove results in his era have been reduced to theories and academic exercises (comment on current GE not Jack). A few years with Jack back in the day could provide you with a life long toolbox of skills.
It's a great listen.

Anonymous said...

did you catch tom peters giving jack he'll for creating shareholder value idea that took off and has become main stream. Peters is blaming welch for the weakening of business. Suzy welch has been firing back shots. I agree with you about jack's toolkit of skills.