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December 4, 2018

These 29 Retirement Tips May Surprise You

Tip #12: Beware of Annuities

My clients do not to have annuities in their portfolios, and with good reason. These complicated, lengthy contracts favour the companies that write them, not you. Annuity sales people get high commissions that come straight off the top of your investment savings. You can manage your retirement-income security needs in ways that'll cost you less. Said simply, if someone's going to guarantee you an income in an uncertain world, they're going to charge you enough to ensure the odds are in their favor - not yours.

Jacoline Loewen and Team
Annuities are for those who do not have a clue about how to manage their wealth and do not have a client advisor to assist them.  

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Gain unique insight on a range of retirement topics, from investing and financial planning to travel and lifestyle, based on decades of experience working with successful retirees. This entertaining 31-page guide is chock-full of information to help you get the most out of your retirement, including:

•Tips to help you maximize your nest egg and avoid running out of money in retirement

•Ideas for making the most of time with your family and friends

•Methods to generate income in retirement

•Activities to keep your mind sharp and your body active

•Estate-planning steps so you can relax and enjoy life

Created for investors with $2,000,000+ in investible assets 29 Retirement Tips from Jacoline Loewen are for retirees and those planning for retirement. In addition to the tip above, other tips include:

Tip #11: Living abroad can be great

Tip #16: How to discuss your asset allocation and plans with your family

Tip #20: Consider new fields other than the career you retired from

Tip #24: Be diversified, but not too diversified

How many of these tips do you already know? Don’t miss this informative and frequently requested guide!

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