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September 19, 2016

Christine Lagarde talks about Canada and the IMF

Christine Lagarde and Jacoline Loewen in Toronto 2016
It was an honour to spend time with Christine Lagarde, IMF, and hear her views on the world and the future. She touched on many topics such as Brexit, China and women in finance. She was also highly complimentary about the Canadians she had met and our finance ministers (she has worked with three ministers of finance).
The event was on the front page of the Financial Post:
Christine Lagarde, who spoke at an event hosted by The International Economic Forum of the Americas in Toronto Monday, said that the backlash against globalization represents one of the biggest threats to the global economy.
“Those who suffer from globalization need to be helped along the way, we cannot just have growth that benefits some and leaves many without skills, without retraining,” she told the audience.
“The first thing that is needed is to have some growth — my grandmother used to say that everything is better with butter,” said Lagarde. “If you have more growth, you can deal with your debt … more jobs are being created, it’s much easier.”
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