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October 30, 2013

Entrepreneurs who obtain angel investing are more likely to survive

Harvard Business Review did a great story on the value of early stage investors. They do make entrepreneurs get professional very fast. The owner of the business finds out that they are not the only person in the room who knows what they are doing - there are some financial activities that add a significant boost to revenues. Problem that I see, owners resist getting in Angels or VCs because they think it will take away their profits. Here is a quick excerpt from HBR:
A 2010 New York Times story on lean start-ups cites experts who see a “shrinking role for venture capitalists in seeking and backing promising young entrepreneurs,” as alternatives including angel investors gain favor. Fresh research by Josh Lerner and William Kerr of Harvard Business School bolsters this argument with evidence that entrepreneurs who obtain angel investing are more likely to survive at least four years and show improved performance.
Another reason VC’s star is on the wane: Research by University of Chicago economist John H. Cochrane shows that investments in VC portfolio firms did not outperform investments in other NASDAQ stocks during the boom period of the 1990s.
In short, the VC business is bad,
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