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December 31, 2011

Andrew Bell helps me figure out my question for 2012 on BNN The Pitch

Throwing his usual curve ball while on live TV, Andrew Bell asked me if business in Canada was being buried by government regulation.
Since I am on the board of the Exempt Market Dealers which seeks to regulate Loewen and Partners role as corporate finance adviser to business owners, I do accept some government regulation from the Securities Commission.
What is the role of government though in helping our industries outside of the oil and mining circles?
The cost of government is nearly getting to where tax pay must work until August. It is a great deal to tax in order to pay to keep our regulations and government systems running. That is where I question the removal of money from the people creating jobs and money for the communities around their business. What is the opportunity cost of that transfer of money?
What can government do to help business in Canada get stronger?
That will be my question for the year 2012.
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